Speaking up for those who keep us safe, telling the stories of everyday heroes who wear the badge, here in Grand Rapids

Our team works to amplify the “Good” and share the everyday stories of officers and families leading impact

We are a local citizens group with unwavering commitment to be the voice for law enforcement in all ways possible as well as collaborating with communities to build trust and improve communication.

There are so many stories of the negative in our world today, our mission is to highlight the positive, taking and offensive approach in support of local law enforcement and their families. We will do this by sharing the everyday stories, impact and projects that our community and law enforcement are leading each and everyday. With a focus on providing, support, respect and uplifting the community; together. 

“ Voice for the Badge was founded for the purpose of supporting law enforcement while improving community and police relations. We envision a world where all people work together to create safe, healthy and vibrant communities. A community that looks past the badge, skin color and socioeconomic status. Having respect for each other and gratitude for the service provided by those who risk their lives everyday.” – Johnny Brann, President Voice For The Badge

Voice for the Badge is an inclusive, community focused organization that will provide support and connection in the following ways: 

  • Education
  • Marketing and communication outreach, focused on amplifying the good 
  • Events that connect youth to local heroes such as sporting events, camps, leadership development, arts and special projects led by youth to make their world a better place

We are reaching out today to invite those who would like to get involved in various ways to make summer 2021, the year of connection and collaboration between law enforcement and community. We are currently looking for those interested in volunteering,  community ambassadors, event team members, fundraising and student projects. 

More information can be found by visiting our website;voiceforthebadge.com in the coming weeks we will be sending out a content calendar and request for our community and law enforcement agencies to share stories of impact from our men and women in blue. Each week we will be highlighting via social media and various media outlets the “Good” stories right here in Grand Rapids. 

Voice For The Badge , “Speaking up and sharing stories of impact for those who keep our community safe.” 

For more information and communication reach out to;

Stephanie Kolakowski 

PR Communications & Media Contacts 



Johnny Brann

President: Voice For The Badge