Attack on Deputy. Defunding, does it work? No.

Some think our P.D. should not be armed when making a routine traffic stop?

How stupid.

Is that what the heck a routine traffic stop for our P.D.Video/L.A. County Sheriff should be? Taking abuse?

Talk about restraint he showed , holding back on responding to this woman’s rage. Show this to the world. Disgusting.

Great job officer.

Perhaps you have heard the latest, if not I will share it with you.

Sacramento, Cal – Rebukes defunding — is proposing to increase P.D. funding.

This will continue – Why? Because – well– we see the results of cities that defunded. Staggering statistics – look it up — defunding does not work – not for the safety of all citizens in the city. Cop haters will hate, but the masses respect and appreciate our Police.

Sacramento has it right. Below is the link to how city officials are responding there, the right way. No to defunding the police.

The VFB stands with the masses Thank you P.D.

Johnny Brann Sr. Voice For The Badge