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Building community and supporting our Law Enforcement. Voice for the badge asking you to take action by standing & sharing together today. The time is now.

The power of one action, one person, one share at a time. Today, Iam asking you to join Voice for the badge and unite on purpose.

During these difficult times for our law enforcement, it is more important than ever to rally together in support. Voice for the badge has a clear mission. We are a citizen’s group with an unwavering commitment to be the voice for law enforcement, in all ways possible. As well as collaborate with communities to build trust and improve communications.

The more “likes” and engagement we have the more impact we can make. The better communication we will have and the more we can work together to accomplish the mission.

We want to show a united front, one that extends throughout our communities, commissions and that will be taken seriously as we continue to grow impact together.

Massive amount of “likes” and engagement, shows how strong a united force is together. It also provides more of our officers and community leaders and works to bridge opportunities to build from.

The Voice for the badge has focused pillars to build from. One is education, real people, real data that addresses key areas of concern.

Which includes addressing the shortage of officers and the increased danger to our GRPD and citizens. Communication is a second key pillar. We post stories regarding police and community. Stories that are positive, uplifting and transforming lives, there are many. Collaboration is our third key pillar. In collaboration with others are also researching state of the art programs for P.T.S.D. While showcasing how the shortage of officers and the increased homicides compared to 5 years ago is impacting morale on the force and trauma in our communities.

We are ever committed and focused on building relationships in our inner city, and police that is beneficial to all. We have begun this effort partnering with activists to provide meals, Christmas dinners, events and partnering on projects that provide resources and opportunities to build from.

Today we are asking for your help, to spread the word and help us reach our goal of 10,000 facebook likes. We currently have just over 2000. Please take a moment to take action, share our page, invite your friends to like our page and spread the word.

Strength in numbers is valuable as we work to complete the mission of the Voice For The Badge.

Please join today,

Show your commitment to the men and women in blue.

Thank you,

Johnny Brann Sr

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By voiceforthebadge

By: Johnny Brann Sr.
Somethings you have to respond {even though you don’t want to} Especially lies. 
A person who opposed funding police called into the commission meeting this past Tuesday — noted my flags on the building at Brann’s Leonard street honoring our fallen heroes and stated, “Notice there are no black fallen hero flags?”
This hurt me, to the core. My love for law enforcement is true through and through. This statement was a blatant mistruth.
We don’t discriminate. We honor all police . Including , Daryle Black -a black Police officer from Long Beach California–and his sister Karen gave me the biggest honor of my life.
My wife and I walked with an officer to lay down a rose in Daryle’s honor at the Police Memorial.
We also have photos of Daryle Black-GRPD officer Joe Taylor framed and hanging in the restaurant in honor of both of them.
Spewing lies doesn’t help, it divides as this individual choose to do on the call.
I have many, many black {true} friends and when they heard this they were plenty mad. They will gladly contact you to tell you you’re out of line.
Take a ride, by Brann’s Leonard look at the flags on South side of our building and see the flag for a fallen American hero. Officer Daryle Black and then keep on drivin. Unless, you would like to have a conversation with me first, get to know me as a human before sharing lies and making assumptions.
Know me as a person and what we truly stand for. Why do you want to make everything racial?
The Voice For the Badge is about unity, not division . Your comments spoke volumes to what you’re about.
Johnny Brann SR.

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By voiceforthebadge